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Ginseng Food Stuff Trading was founded in 2004, soon began its path to leadership, launching and creating natural products at world-class standards. The factory is located in the industrial area of Amman, Jordan and Ginseng Food Stuff Trading industry now considered the leader in its industry specialization in Jordan.
Ginseng put quality is of the utmost importance. We put our complete dedication to the customer’s needs and satisfaction is what makes us unique.
Ginseng by creating its research & development (R&D) section focused on the future. This allows our industry to stay ahead of the latest developments. This offer the most beneficial solutions that fit all of your needs, thus, improved products and innovative applications quickly find their way to you.

Our Mission

We always look forward to providing the world with the best ever of suitable products for all members of the family with a wide range of body, face, hair care, hair styling products (Cosmetics). We find that is not enough while looking to other sides of family’s needs, so we launched our products of detergents & convertible industries.

Recently, we launched a successful new manufacturing section for food supplements, starting with our unique and powerful item wales golden honey for male and female. This product main aim is to complete the happiness of the family.

Our main target is to achieve the principle of (The Integrated Care), while serving your needs today and tomorrow. We guarantee our products to be formulated with premium natural quality components developed by using modern means of technology.


By ceaselessly developing high-quality, from nature, innovation products friendly to the user and environment we aim to:

Take over the leading market position in the segments of our industry in Jordanian market also abroad markets to become the first choice of end users as well as professional users.

Increase our market share through the company’s reputation in the existing markets and new markets within and beyond Jordan.

Private Labeling

We at Ginseng Food Stuff Trading also specialize in providing private labeling of premium quality products, prepared from our natural raw material. We have the experience and resources to turn ideas into profits, we guide clients through all the steps from the development of concepts, formulation, manufacturing, production, designing, marketing, packaging, advertising, promoting and to the distribution process.
As an integral part of the industry, Ginseng has established the development and has launched around 120 line item of its trusted products of its lines of productions of brands (Wales, Wales Golden Honey, Winny).